An epic battle to decide to whom the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory belong...

Monday, November 7, 2011

Excerpt from The Tiphereth Trilogy, Book 2: Dunamis

   The next morning dawned crisp and clear.  The leaves on the trees in the City of the King had all become golden in the autumn air.  Iach brought his horse and Aramiel's around to the front of the palace.
   Aramiel had packed her saddlebag the night before with the clothing she would need for her stay in Ewythrin.  She arrayed herself in a scarlet riding habit and descended from her tower with her saddlebags.  She went to bid Gwynarae and her family goodbye, and walked out the palace door.  Descending the steps, she handed Iach the saddlebags.  He fastened them on to her horse for her and gave her his hand to assist her in mounting.  Aramiel sprang lightly into her saddle and waited for Iach to mount.  The two then rode down through the city.

   "Thank you for coming," Iach suddenly said.  "I did not know if you would, but I think your presence will help Iachin greatly."  He looked at the sixteen year old girl with eyes full of gratitude.

   "You are welcome," Aramiel replied happily.  "I don't mind going to Ewythrin, it is such a beautiful silver city.  I shall enjoy seeing Eytrine again as well.  I think I can help Iachin."

The two continued on in silence until they arrived in Ewythrin.
Copyright 2011 Katie Hepner


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